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Looking for Movies that Showcase Positive Masculinity

Hey there, fellow movie enthusiasts! I’m on the hunt for films that portray positive masculinity. We often see movies with traditional, stereotypical portrayals of masculinity, but I believe there’s a world of cinema out there that can challenge these norms and offer a fresh perspective....

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Lord of the Rings. Cinema Therapy did a whole video on why it’s positive masculinity.

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OP I went through this too. Dog had no symptoms and lived to be 14.5, which is great for a lab. Lots of love and vet visits, but Radar will be okay.

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These guys got nothing but devaluing rubles in their pockets.

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    So, please tell me about your game. I’m always on the hunt for new ones.

    /r/NonCredibleDefense recieves automated notice from the admins to remove its NSFW designation, or else. Mods respond by messaging the admins a bunch of death and porn. ( )

    Link to the NCD mod's post about the matter via teddit (aka, reddit doesn't get any value from your visit):

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    Good luck with that ban, NCD. Way to give yourself a Viking funeral!

    Will Reddit ban them like TIHI, or just replace the mods (with whom tho?)

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    I agree. Well, NCD has some new instances over here, so I’m not sweating.

    What I really miss is polandball though.

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