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Left clicking an open program in task manager is opening another instance of it

I’m getting a bug where left clicking a program open in the task manager triggers opening another instance of the same program instead of raising/focusing in the already opened window. This didn’t happen using X11. It’s not the behavior configured for the left click; a recently started session works fine. The only way for...


ctrl isn’t stuck because entering and subsequently exiting plasma edit mode makes the default left click behavior work again, at least for some time

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Plasma 6 - RC 2 is landing on Wednesday. Get ready to Ask Us Anything!

Want to know what's going on behind the scenes? Have a pressing question about Wayland, or the new interfaces and shortcuts?

Join David, Nate and Joshua for our Plasma 6 AUA special on Lemmy and Reddit on Wednesday 31 at 6 pm UTC.


Doors open 5 pm UTC. Watch this space for links.


I had a chuckle with his description because “Redondo” translates to “round” in Spanish

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