apotheotic ,
@apotheotic@beehaw.org avatar

As someone who used to think they were a man, and who felt that as a supposed man they had a “role” to fulfil in wanting sex whenever it was an option, I can absolutely back this up. I have caused myself no end of damage because I thought that wanting sex was the default state and I should jump on the opportunity whenever I could.

Sex is great. Lots of sex is great. But it’s okay to not want to have sex, and it’s not worth the psychological damage to have sex when you don’t want to have sex. It can be like sexually assaulting yourself.

krnl386 ,
@krnl386@lemmy.ca avatar

TL;DR: the reason is that men are horndogs, and those that for some weird reason want to say “no” are pressured by the Patriarchy and/or Toxic Masculinity to say “yes.”

Did I get the gist of the article right? 🤔

the_post_of_tom_joad ,

No, not a bit.

krnl386 ,
@krnl386@lemmy.ca avatar

Yeah, maybe not the horndog part, but the rest checks out if you read between the lines.

gapbetweenus ,

Have you tried reading the actual lines?

Bremmy ,

What about reading the actual lines?

Grass ,

I had to read the community ‘about’ section because at a glance of the headline I thought this was an onion network or similar article and didn’t know what men’s liberation was.

fuckyou ,

It’s hard for me to say no because why would I.

tacosanonymous ,

There are certainly some nuggets of truth in there but man is Psych Today just a terrible org.

LinkOpensChest_wav ,
@LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

What’s wrong with it? (Genuine question)

TexMexBazooka ,

Acknowledging men’s emotions

The_Helmet_Stays_On ,
@The_Helmet_Stays_On@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Wait… we have emotions?

TexMexBazooka ,


metaStatic ,

well that's a relief

otp ,

Is relief an emotion?

SpikesOtherDog ,

I’m often emotional after pooping.

sbv ,

oh shit

sbv ,

Is that the org that said large condoms are bullshit and just a thing for insecure dudes?

If so, they can fuck off. If not, I’m sure I can find another reason to hate them.

LinkOpensChest_wav ,
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“Wearing items that fit comfortably is a hallmark of insecurity” -galaxy_brain.png

fuckyou ,

I was insecure about my the penis, so I bought large condoms, and now it doesn’t fit anymore. :(

fracture ,

i am also wondering this, this thread feels like the goddamn twilight zone

LinkOpensChest_wav ,
@LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

There are some pretty weird-ass comments here, that’s for sure! I scrolled, but didn’t feel like engaging. I didn’t think “saying yes to unwanted sex can be harmful” was a hot take, especially in this community, but… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

krnl386 ,
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Yeah, Psych today is about as credible these days as The View when it comes to psychology research.

Cris_Color ,
@Cris_Color@lemmy.world avatar

Good to know, I was not aware of that. I appreciate that folks on lemmy seem to kinda always have their finger on the pulse so to speak when it comes to the background of various organizations

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