georgetakei , avatar
scmrak ,

@georgetakei No, never: I gag every time I see the orange guy.

BluesHarp ,

Tuberville is one of the most spineless morons there is.

Garst , avatar

@georgetakei do you even need to warn parties not to tamper with juries before arresting them when it's a felonious crime they just commited?

justin , avatar

@georgetakei I’ve been through a criminal trial, and I never assumed it was more mentally stressful than being President of the United States. 🤣

matthewmuses , avatar

@georgetakei and Tommy Tuberville supposedly lives in Alabama.

khrister , avatar

@georgetakei Fun times.

gbrahaney , avatar

@georgetakei CRAVEN

Eddiethebulldog ,

@georgetakei proving that fascism is easy

huntingdon , avatar


Clearly, the senior leadership of the Republican Party has created a legal protection racket to protect what's left of Donald Trump.

Half of them seem to owe their jobs to him, half of them are afraid of owing their jobs to him, and half of them want to become his VP, in hopes that the don will soon have one too many McBurgers.

Ghoulish doesn't quite capture it, nor do the obvious and apt comparisons with Mafia families. But they're a start.

gdinwiddie , avatar

Mr. PotatoVille is the one who is unamerican.

kitsuneofinari , avatar

@georgetakei No George, let him speak.

I want to see if Coach can deep throat his own foot.

ajohms1956 , avatar

Time to throw his ass in jail.

skydog , avatar


No, no, no, no.
They're having their "I am Spartacus" moment. It will not persist, as it pertains to this trial, past the end of this trial. In the absence of new dangers generated by these speakers, let them rant on.

It's our discretion where we give, and where we push back, so I suggest we use it wisely. Save the punishments for the finale, so as to heap them on Trump.

KingoftheWhackadoodles , avatar

@georgetakei Says the Alabama Senator living in Florida.

wbpeckham , avatar

@georgetakei I am not sure that the judge can issue a guide order on anyone who is not directly involved in the trial. That said, if prosecutors can find evidence that Trump and the senator discussed this.... That would be an example of the defendant violating the gag order by inciting someone else to speak for him. We can only hope that someone is investigating...

LinuxAndYarn , avatar

@georgetakei It's not stochastic anymore if he handpicks the terrorists.

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