knotthatone ,

I will always root for Trek to succeed. I’m hoping that by including Rachel Garrett, this isn’t too timey-wimey and we get a well written TUC-TNG lost era story.

darkphotonstudio ,

Discovery is awful. Fuck this. I want my hopeful Star Trek back. It’s ridiculous that the two best recent shows are animated, a kids show and an adult comedy.

porthos , avatar

I really hope this is good, I am actually really excited to see how this turns out, I don’t necessarily have high expectations but also I don’t think there is any reason it has to suck so long as Georghiu isn’t let of the moral hook for being an awful, murderous leader.

Also Michelle Yeoh is great so I am excited fuck it.

beefcat , avatar

it could be 2 hours of michelle yeoh eating kelpians and i would still be entertained

halm , avatar

That took a quick, dark turn.

TheFerrango ,

10/10 would watch

Ramin_HAL9001 ,

I am upvoting this thread for being relevant to the discussion, but man, this article makes me sick. They are completely ruining Star Trek.

Kolanaki , avatar

Do the people who make Star Trek these days just… Hate star trek?

ValueSubtracted OP Mod , avatar


newthrowaway20 ,

Had me fooled.

accideath ,

There is some really good Star Trek these days. Just not all of it. And this probably won‘t be…

darkphotonstudio ,

Yes. There’s a producer, writer, edge-lord guy who got this kind of shit rolling back in the 00s. I don’t remember his name but despite hating ST, he worked on a fair number of shows. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still around working on these recent “dark and gritty” Trek shows.

BeardedSingleMalt ,

and likened the tone to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Oh good, a light-hearted romp where half the characters act like idiots, that's exactly what a Star Trek movie about a clandestine blackops organization.

Ramin_HAL9001 ,

Deep Space Nine made it absolutely clear that Section 31 is an illegal black-ops org with garb somewhat reminiscient of Nazi storm troopers, they were the bad guys.

Yeoh has described it as “Mission: Impossible in space,” and likened the tone to the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

Mission: Impossible, the longest-running, pro-CIA anti-socialist propaganda series in US history. So Now Star Trek is about making illegal black-ops Nazis look cool.

Fuck these fucking producers. I want my gay space communism back.

ValueSubtracted OP Mod , avatar

“Illegal?” DS9’s S31 was protected by Starfleet Command. They were completely untouchable.

Ramin_HAL9001 , (edited )

“Illegal?” DS9’s S31 was protected by Starfleet Command. They were completely untouchable.

They can be both protected and illegal. Sisko noted that the organization was completely antithetical to the laws of Starfleet, e.g. committing genocide against the Changlings of the Dominion (they used the actual word “genocide” to describe what Section 31 did in the show). But their existence was neither denied nor acknowledged by Starfleet. This is part of the reason why he asked Bashir to act as a double-agent.

It was clearly analogous to the CIA, which for decades has been collecting money from the illegal drug trade and supporting terrorist organizations around the world, all in the name of “national security.” It was a critique of the US government, like most of the Star Trek episodes that deal with the moral shades of gray within the laws of Starfleet. It is clear from their political commentary that the shows morality was staunchly anti-fascist.

And this new film on Section 31 completely reversing their former politics and joining with and celebrating the fascists is more than I can stomach.

ValueSubtracted OP Mod , avatar

If they’re nominally illegal, and those responsible for upholding the law are working with them, they’re not really illegal at all, are they?

Ramin_HAL9001 ,

they’re not really illegal at all, are they?

If a police officer commits murder but the D.A. covers it up and the officer is never charged with a crime, does this make murder by the police legal?

Yes, it is illegal, and the government does not enforce laws consistently. The point is, this is a moral failing of Starfleet/the US government. This is an injustice.

TheFerrango ,

S31 was right though, the Founders should’ve been exterminated

wingsfortheirsmiles ,

I’d personally prefer that to the tone Discovery took

theinspectorst , avatar

That was my thought, I'm quite up for this. I enjoyed The Voyage Home, I enjoyed The Trouble with Tribbles - I wouldn't want all Trek to be like that but there is absolutely a place in the franchise for light-hearted takes on Trek.

melmi , avatar

I have nothing wrong with lighthearted takes on Trek, but choosing to make the movie about “fascist space emperor joins the CIA” lighthearted seems like a dubious choice. I guess we’ll see how they portray it but given how Trek has handled S31 so far, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

NuraShiny ,

That’s what we were all clamoring for: a different Star Trek. Heavens know that has never been tried before!

USSBurritoTruck Mod , avatar

Yeah, I hate it when Trek tries anything new. Like, imagine if they set a show on a space station and not a starship, had the characters embroiled with the local politics of the same culture over the entire series, and tried to tell a more serialized story?

NuraShiny ,

Exactly brother. We don’t want no stinky Babylon 5 knockoff in our Star Trek!

Lydia_K , avatar

Translation: it’s another formulaic action film with a Star Trek coat of paint.

Anticorp ,

it’s a different Star Trek

Well fuck you then! Make something without the Trek name, you wanker.

Sanctus , avatar

You wouldn’t know this Trek, she doesn’t go to our school.

criitz ,

We don’t want a different trek

We want old trek in a new wrapper

ValueSubtracted OP Mod , avatar

Who’s “we,” and why are they so excited at the prospect of reheated leftovers?

dumbass , avatar

I am one of the we.

Because the new food is bland, the leftovers still taste good to my tastebuds.

veeesix , avatar

It’s pretty good for shit.

FaceDeer , avatar

If I want something other than Star Trek then I will watch something other than Star Trek.

lemmylommy ,

„Different“ as in „shitty“?

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