rbreich ,
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Each of Trump's 34 criminal counts of false business filings in the New York case carries a penalty of up to four years in prison.

If Trump is convicted, what should the sentence be?

Clarity ,
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@rbreich Same as Napoleon.(sic) Exile to Git-Mo

maysonic ,
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@rbreich A week per count(consecutive) plus 4 years supervised probation/suspended sentence. With drug testing.

Groovytude ,
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@rbreich Life in prison inside a cell lined with the photos of Hillary and Joe, smiling and laughing.

obob ,
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@rbreich Don't care what the details of the sentences are, just that the earliest possible release is after all 2032 elections.

Mjhall ,
@Mjhall@toot.community avatar

@rbreich forever

ralph058 ,
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@rbreich IMHO, he should get at least the 100 years with at least 10 years being served and the rest probation if he has no further convictions. Trump will get other convictions.

Runyan50 ,
@Runyan50@newsie.social avatar

@rbreich Atleast past election day.

Misterhighwasted ,
@Misterhighwasted@toad.social avatar


I hope he lives for 136 more years

JackEnrod ,
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@rbreich Capital punishment

kassydeefree ,
@kassydeefree@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich ... for trump to be placed in a jail cell for 25 years, preferably solitary confinement. There, he should have no access to hair & face dye. If perchance steak is ever on the prison menu, let it be served rare to medium rare. He only eats them if they are overdone.

andypease ,
@andypease@mastodon.social avatar

@rbreich This would be a good poll…

tk_uk ,
@tk_uk@dotgr.id avatar

@rbreich Hanging.

davidcorbett ,
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@rbreich normal sentence for each crime he is found guilty for

Bandersnatch ,
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@rbreich A light & generous sentence of 60 years.

Phiend ,
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@rbreich death to start with…

Kimsails ,
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The only jail time he might get out of the NY case is going to be from running his mouth in violation of the gag order.

He won’t go to jail over 34 convictions of falsifying business records.

Monetary fine or restitution of some sort. Probation. And (maybe) not being able to vote.

I’m not a lawyer. But do you really think someone else without a past criminal conviction would go to jail for this?

karlauerbach ,
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@rbreich Attica prison, in the general population.

Or in Kushner's cheapest tenement.

ChickenCutlass ,
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@rbreich 400 years!

rcoshow ,
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@rbreich I feel like this is a trick question. Obviously 136 years.

RuthODay ,
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34 years, but out after 20 for good behaviour.

“Good Behaviour” consisting of signing an affidavit that his life has been one big grift and ordering that all Trump branding include the progess pride colour scheme, conditional on having endured 20 years of continuous Muzak into his cell, 24/7, of one single song running on Repeat, Loser, by Beck.


mrmattburgess ,
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100 lines. Like Bart.

Will take the turd years.

DoctorDNS ,
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@rbreich 4 years on each count. One at a time!

video_manager ,
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Sentencing guidelines are very very specific, and include multiple pages of "points" that result in the guideline recommendation. The result is NEVER "add'em all up and consecutive".

Try asking Ken White (@popehat)

Sassinake ,
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34 years should be enough at the Rich Folks country club 'prison'.

but I expect him to be 'confined' to Mar-A-Lago with an ankle bracelet someone else will volunteer to wear for him, and of course, continued access to the internet. And his money.

mildpeach ,
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@rbreich 20 years… not a ‘life’ sentence but close.

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