[TrekCore Giveaway] The Final Days of Star Trek Starship Sales at Master Replicas Have Arrived ( )

as part of the end of Master Replica’s Official Starships Collection program, we’ve partnered with their team to give away one XL-sized USS Enterprise-D ‘dreadnought’ model to a lucky TrekCore reader!

"make capslock an additional Ctrl" option was removed in the latest update

Running Endeavour OS Linux and just updated to plasma 6.0.5, framework 6.3.0, Qt version 6.7.1 on Wayland. I use capslock strictly as my brain refuses to learn using shift (I do touch type no problem), but as well know the capslock is very slow on Linux which always results in text like THis. So, I've found a fix for it online...

Star Trek: Discovery The Final Season Arrives August 27 on DVD, Blu-ray, and Limited Edition Steelbook ( )

Star Trek: Discovery: The Complete Series will also be available on August 27 on Blu-ray and DVD, featuring all 65 episodes and over 15 hours of special features including a BONUS DISC that takes you on a never-before-seen journey through all five seasons with the cast and crew.

Study finds 1/4 of bosses hoped Return to Office would make staff quit ( )

HR software biz BambooHR surveyed more than 1,500 employees, a third of whom work in HR. The findings suggest the return to office movement has been a poorly-executed failure, but one particular figure stands out - a quarter of executives and a fifth of HR professionals hoped RTO mandates would result in staff leaving....

How dense would the atmosphere need to be to result in a cataclysmic chain reaction during a nuclear explosion?

Famously, Oppenheimer and co worked out how close a nuclear bomb test would be to causing a chain reaction of nitrogen fusion in the atmosphere. They made a lot of worst-case-scenario assumptions and still came to the conclusion that no, a nuclear bomb test wouldn’t scour the surface of the world....

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