Lawmakers won't act on WA long-term care ballot initiative (

OLYMPIA — Democratic leaders in the Washington Legislature said Friday they would not act on a citizen initiative that would let Washingtonians opt out of a payroll tax that funds a state long-term care insurance program, meaning the question will very likely go directly to the November ballot....

What mechanism is the source for Earth's Nitrogen?

I recall an explanation of the formation of Jovian moons on the Harvard Smithsonian “CfA Colloquium” YT channel that casually mentioned how various elements freeze out of the solar wind forming ices, and this is the mechanism that allows formation of moons with large amounts of water and elements that are not found in larger...

Study materials for grocery shopping?

I’m looking for anything out there that could help me navigate grocery stores in Japan? Maybe an Anki deck for food labels with proper kanji? I’ll be there for a period of time later this year and while my conversational skills are okay, I don’t know that I could grocery shop! I’ve got Genki 1 and 2 and some vocab cards...

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