Discussion: If I think Biden is too old, and I want to support a different nominee for the Democrats, what should I do? (

I am 1,000% going to vote for the Democratic nominee in November, because I don't want the world to end. I just want to make that clear because I know some people may be rightly suspicious of this type of post, for oh you know the reasons....

What is known about Persistence of Vision in various animals?

I’m curious about building cat toys that are impractically over complicated with Arduino/Maker stuff. Thus the casual curiosity about persistence of vision. I wonder if other animals have something like a different internal clock frequency where the image only forms at higher (or lower) frequencies than most humans.

2024 HSA partial year limits

Need help please. If I am enrolled in 2024 for 10 months of the year (March-December) in an HSA-elligible HDHP will I be able to max out my HSA to the individual contribution limit of $4,150 or will I get hit with a big tax penalty? Do I have to “pro-rate” my contributions and subtract the first two months since I was not...

Weird flex (

Alt text: A LinkedIn post with a picture of a couple looking at each other. The text on the image reads: 9 years ago I DMed my crus h telling her I’m going to take her out on a date, yesterday I asked her to marry me, she said no both times and blocked me. Anyways here’s a picture of a random couple I found on google.

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