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m0darn ,

Can a business transact with an animal?

If a crow puts a toonie in a vending machine, and manages to buy chips does it legally own the chips? Or can an agent of the business that runs the vending machine confiscate them and keep the money?

m0darn OP ,

Yeah definitely. My point was that the existential panic of the mother resonated with me a lot more once I had a kid.

m0darn ,

I’m not so you were previously engaged with, and am fortunate enough to be in a similar boat to you.

I would just like to point out that in the context of having a conversation with a 13 year old, starting with working class solidarity is a good idea. I think the next step in that conversation is (for people in situations like ours) to acknowledge the factors that have led to our success, and agree that our privileges don’t mean we should abandon our less fortunate peers to exploitation. We should still seek an equitable world.

m0darn ,

Homophobia is literally beaten into men. Not all men obviously, but we shouldn’t be surprised when some men act irrationally around wearing pink.

I haven’t read the article though because of the pay wall.

m0darn ,

One of the kids in my 5yo son’s after school program (jiu-jitsu) asked him why his belly is big.

His belly is not big. He’s actually pretty lean (much leaner than his father and noticeably leaner than his younger brother).

It upset him enough that he told me about it. At least we could have a good talk about body health and other people’s expectations.

m0darn ,

I was going to say a similar thing, how are you going to get gone without canceling it out.

But also if you walked away from the equator then walked until you were directly north/ south of your home before walking home, some effect would remain.

m0darn ,

It’s because your return journey is closer to the axis of the earth so your action has less torque.

m0darn ,

So I was in a very stereotypically chauvinist situation last week: Two colleagues and I took a customer (all 4 of us men) out for lunch after(/as part of) a sales call. After the waitress left to put in our orders, the customer made a pre-excuse and then joked something like

well that’s definitely putting a rack on a shelf.

I don’t remember how I reacted. I’m also not sure what I wish I had said.

m0darn ,

Rack on a shelf I took to mean her breasts being pushed up and displayed by her bra.

m0darn ,

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy has an alien species that evolved on a planet (Krikkit)with constant thick dust clouds.

Upon first witnessing the glory and splendor of the Universe, they casually, whimsically, decided to destroy it, remarking, “It’ll have to go.” (…) the Krikkiters built an incredible battlefleet and waged a massive war against the entire Universe. The Galaxy, then in an era of relative peace, was unprepared, and spent the next 2,000 years fighting the Krikkiters in a war that resulted in about two “grillion” casualties

Isaac Asimov also mused about ribbon worlds. ie tidally locked planets with a habitable zone in the twilight regions.

I seem to recall also reading a story about a species on a ribbon world but because of precession had a 10,000 year (or so) day. They had a constant slow migration and eventually started finding the ancient forgotten ruins of their own society.

Also nightfall by Asimov.

m0darn ,

I’m sure I read it online it might have just been a scifi writing prompt from the site that must not be named (reddit).

Looking for Movies that Showcase Positive Masculinity

Hey there, fellow movie enthusiasts! I’m on the hunt for films that portray positive masculinity. We often see movies with traditional, stereotypical portrayals of masculinity, but I believe there’s a world of cinema out there that can challenge these norms and offer a fresh perspective....

m0darn ,

What do you guys think of Les Miserables?

Specifically Jon Valjean’s ideals? Like, he has this bizarre stoic honor that is actually also quite toxic.

m0darn ,

10 000 km from the pole to the equator?

I think it would be a huge amount of work to get something more accurate than my guess.

I don’t know, if America sends us all back into the stone age with nukes I think I’ll also agree to use the imperial system.

I’ve heard of this book which you may find interesting

m0darn ,

That’s my first thought. Oh maybe higher wages reduces mega chain economies of scale and makes local small businesses more viable.

m0darn ,

Not something I have any experience with but please allow me opine from my armchair:

the only problems I forsee with that approach are:

– any bends you might have to navigate – supporting/stabilizing the new pipe – sealing the top to prevent a down draft forming between them and pulling exhaust into your home

m0darn ,

I mean, I would.

Also isn’t writing about one’s experiences one of the common ways of digesting thoughts?

m0darn ,

As a millenial father of young boys this was an interesting read.

I felt this paragraph needed some clarification:

Both mothers and fathers have believed that teaching their sons to be “real” men is at the heart of their job descriptions. As recently as 2020, research I helped conduct for the Global Boyhood Initiative of the DC-based NGO Equimundo found that parents of boys press them to comply with cultural standards, even at the expense of their personal authenticity. When asked what was most important for their sons, parents told us that they should be emotionally strong (94%) and physically strong (61%), play sports (48%), have a girlfriend (46%), and, overall, fit in (59%).

I think the first sentence is somewhat meaningless if it isn’t followed up immediately with an explanation of what the parents felt ‘real men’ are. It’s just such a nebulous term. Maybe the final sentence of the paragraph was meant to be the explanation, but it isn’t actually clear to me if it’s

What is important to the parents, for their sons

or if it’s:

what the parents perceive as being important to their sons. (What they think their sons value)

Given the context I suspect it’s the latter, but it should be less ambiguous.

And maybe I’m overly sensitive but am I ‘pressing my sons to comply with cultural standards, at the expense of their personal authenticity’ when I tell them not to make poop jokes at the dinner table?

I guess this is just the challenge of social sciences.

m0darn ,

If it’s a space filling curve as Octoperson suggested, it wouldn’t need to be big. Isn’t a space filling curve infinite length if its offset is infinitesimal?

m0darn ,

Yeah OP did a large disservice to his colleagues by not explaining.

m0darn ,

Contrary to popular belief - most companies do not ask for a exit interview

But in this case they did

and ultimately, don’t give a fuck why you’re leaving.

Companies care about profits. If employee retention challenges are hurting profits they will try to address those issues in the cheapest way possible. There’s a good chance that letting employees work remotely is the cheapest way to improve retention.

m0darn ,

Every employee thinks they’re gonna be the one to stick it to the man and affect profit motives on their way out.

No. I think generally people are pretty aware of how hard it is to change the system.

everyone is replaceable.

Correct, but there are replacement costs.

They do not give a fuck about you or your opinion.

Correct, but they do care about how their policies affect their costs.

Your comments will likely go into the bin or a suggestions pool at best.

It’s just about giving your immediate boss data so that when big boss says:

“why is there so much turnover in your department? The recruitment costs are way out of line, and your retraining is killing your productivity”

Instead of immediate boss saying:

“this generation has no loyalty to their employer” (lol)

They can say:

“employees are leaving for jobs that allow work from home, we should ask HR if they think an adjustment to our policy would make recruitment and retention easier. This generation acts so entitled but I think this may be a way to reduce turnover without increasing payroll costs”

Or whatever.

Corporations do what they want and it’s almost always the wrong path.

They always try to maximize profits for the top, it’s rare that that lines up with the interests of the bottom.

m0darn OP ,

Is your proposal basically to burn away nuclear waste?

No. It’s to disperse it.

The main problem is the safety and handling of such radioactive waste.

It was very much not meant as a serious proposal.

How would this reduce carbon emissions?

Do you want such a substance sitting in your vehicle, garage, gas station with high traffic, etc

m0darn OP ,

Well it’s serious in that I would like to know how radioactive 2 million kilograms of nuclear waste mixed into 500 billion liters of gasoline would be.

I guess it’s 4 milligrams per liter. So a grain of sand per liter. My car is in the garage with a 40 liter gas tank. So 40 gains of sand worth of nuclear waste. How dangerous is that? Is it like evacuate the neighborhood, or is it don’t plan any long road trips.

m0darn OP ,

2.5 million barrels per year x 200 liters per barrel = 500 million liters

So about 1000 times smaller volume than gasoline. So 1000 gains of sand worth per liter.

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