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Potatos_are_not_friends ,

I went to Disney world Florida. The World Showcase area hires foreigners. Like German foreign exchange students work in the Germany area.

It's so crazy depressing. Everyone working looks so miserable.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Well you see, the reason you're paying $7 for coffee is because each cup had to go through security theater and ensure it's not bomb water or something.

Potatos_are_not_friends OP ,

Canoo reimburses Aquila Family Ventures, an entity owned by the CEO, for use of an aircraft. In 2023, Canoo spent $1.7 million on this reimbursement — that’s double the amount of revenue it generated. Canoo paid Aquila Family Ventures $1.3 million in 2022 and $1.8 million in 2021 for use of the aircraft.

In other words, he uses company profit to pay his own private company to pay for his rides.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Anyone not familiar with this, NPR Planet Money has a great podcast about this.


Tldr: right wing economists teach judges why trickle down economics is good and poor people are stupid.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Some ask for your social security number, and j always nope right out.

I’ll give it to you after I sign the contact.

Potatos_are_not_friends OP ,

People tell me I don’t have company loyalty.

But then I ask which companies have employee loyalty.

This guy gets it.

you are a coworker and have a conflict with another coworker who accuses you of being lazy, even though you started to work earlier than him. Is it your job to solve this problem?

I’m literally not a manager, I’m the newest employee here and this other coworker sits and talks to a female coworker that likes the attention for the first 50 minutes after clocking in. They don’t work and nobody seems to care. Infuriating as it is, I think this is not my problem to solve....

Potatos_are_not_friends , (edited )

Not your problem.

As a team lead, if someone came to me complaining about another team member, my first action to gather proof. That’s easy since we use project management tools to track task completion.

If the coworker was right, i politely work with the new hire. New hires imo take 6 months before they can really perform. That’s my job and responsibility to get them there, not anyone elses.

If the coworker was wrong, Id flag the person as a grade-A asshole who is drama and start preparing a file on them. Drama like this bad for morale, and it is not acceptable to get into other people’s business and work. I have fired staff who seemed more interested in what others are doing versus their own work.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Random event that made me think of this post. Yesterday, the woman at my wife’s job who was incredibly nitpicky about everything and when my wife was training, was stepping on her toes and telling my wife (a 10y professional) how “things were done” and tried to micromanage her, she has officially been fired.

Apparently this lady flipped out and openly expressed some qanon shit, scaring her coworkers, and they found a gun on her. They work at a hospital so…

Just wanted to share that lol

Potatos_are_not_friends OP ,

I’m okay with that. It’s her money. But at least it’s not funding a company actively trying to destroy unions.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Sounds like a “you” problem, banks.

Nobody told “you” to loan money to build unused offices.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

Does min wage even support a studio apartment and like other basic needs?

This was more than a decade ago for me. But I worked 2 jobs doing fast food, lived with four roommates, and wasn’t able to contribute to my IRA, go on vacation or have much in savings. And where I could have gotten a studio apartment, then I’d downgrade to eating ramen.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

My raise was 100% eaten by taxes.

Then with everything rising, I am now making a couple thousand dollars less than I did two years ago, even with all of those raises.

Potatos_are_not_friends ,

My biggest pet peeve was working in a restaurant and trying to seat a large group. That hatred has been with me for decades, that I actively refuse to involve myself in dinners larger than 6 people. It’s noisy. It’s too much management. There’s multiple conversations. It’s awful.

Even during family outings in public areas, I assemble little groups and pretend like we don’t know each other.

And before anybody even asks, I absolutely segmented my wedding into different 6-person teams when we went out in public.

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  • Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    After the op-ed appeared, somebody phoned Kate’s health center to complain. After that, Kate’s superiors effectively barred her from making public statements about anything. That irked Kate until her boss explained why: The FBI had contacted the health center to alert them to threats of violence “just for providing birth control.” Did I mention that Oklahoma allows anybody over the age of 21 to carry a loaded firearm in public, open or concealed, without a license?

    Just one of the many wtfs in this article

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I remember this cashier confronted a thief and was ready to fist fight him. The thief had a knife. Another vagabond went up to the thief and spoke to him and escorted him out.

    Cashier was THE ONLY PERSON WORKING. And he was going to get stabbed for $9/hr.

    Dollar stores are a shit show.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    “separating poor people from their money by making them a shitty offer that they can’t really refuse”.

    I wouldn’t go so far as to say that.

    I can buy $5 worth of cleaning supplies to tidy up a temporary space. Broom, mop, detergent.

    The supermarket - a broom is $10.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    That’s fair. I agree.

    What I’m pointing out is that they’re intentionally nickel-and-diming poor people on cost-of-goods.

    The stuff from these stores do not have a shelf life, you’re absolutely right. That broom example, maybe last 3 uses before it’s tossed.

    Gold Bar resident says clerk’s shirt is ‘crossing a line’ as some feel unsafe in grocery store ( www.kiro7.com )

    GOLD BAR, Wash. — In Snohomish County, some residents told KIRO 7 they feel unsafe going to their local grocery store. Over the weekend, controversial photos of a cashier at Gold Bar Family Grocer appeared on social media. The photos show a man with a KKK shirt and a loaded holster checking out customers....

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    More armed black citizens should come to the store.

    Don’t buy anything. Just show up. It’s a free country.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    Rushed to electric cars.

    Rush to space.

    Rush to brain surgery.

    Trail of dead bodies.

    The guy really doesn’t care

    Potatos_are_not_friends , (edited )

    “You can go die, Margarot. Leave the job, and like disappear into your expensive house and wait until sweet death gets you.”

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I got a $45 food stipend for lunch once. My lunch cost $30 (it was lunch AND dinner) and then tipped the restaurant $15.

    I’m using 100% of it.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    How to save money when working in-person:

    1. Instead of buying lunch, just steal it.
    2. Dont go drinking with your coworkers. Day drink so you’re too drunk when you drive home.
    3. Make your own alcohol under your desk.
    4. Save money that you’ll be forced to spend at the tiddy bar by oogling Nancy, the 60 yo HR gal with the nice taa taas.
    5. Bike to work.

    What the hell is this shit? Instead of pushing for the return to traditional pensions, capitalism is celebrating the idea that Millennials and Gen Z may simply never be able to stop working. ( www.cnbc.com )

    Traditionally, retiring entails leaving the workforce permanently. However, experts found that the very definition of retirement is also changing between generations....

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    “soft life” is a lifestyle that embraces comfort and low stress, prioritizing personal growth and mental wellness.

    What a fucking garbage take.

    This isn’t a lifestyle. This is how life used to be for most people.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    $500 is the “I really don’t want to do it” price.

    I personally quote 5-10x the price of I don’t want to do it.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    Kinda. She chose that job. She ignored all the red flags. And now she’s going to do entertainment tours because nobody is hiring people who worked in Trump’s govt and boo fucking hoo, her bosses treated her badly.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I hate it.

    I hate how every single web leads back to Reagan. Dude had incredible charisma and destroyed so many things.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    It’s absolutely crazy that flight attendants don’t get paid until the plane doors close.

    How did airplane companies get away with this?

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I need to get in on this industry where the government pays me to not do something.

    Like how govt pays farmers to not grow shit.

    Home prices may be on the verge of cooling off ( www.nbcnews.com )

    Home prices weakened month to month, according to Black Knight. While still gaining, which they usually do at this time of year, the gains fell below their 25-year average. This after significantly outdoing their historical averages from February through June. It’s a signal that a slowdown in prices may be underway again....

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    It’ll drop a few percentages, this allowing predictions to be true… but then rise dramatically.

    Look at the past 50 years and every ebb and flow.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I agree. A third of my engineering team were former teachers with bachelor’s/master degrees. They’re amazing people who would be teaching the future.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    I’m okay with this.

    Sometimes to build a community, kinda need more people to chat. And it’s easier for people to chat around a article, versus waiting for someone to open up.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    Haha fucken Idaho of course.

    So many medical personnel moved during the aggressive COVID policies. Oregon and Washington had to take COVID infected Idaho patients, causing severe shortages on our side, all because of the inept Idaho government.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    My wife is a medical professional and a lot of the new nurses and doctors came from those states who moved because they can’t practice or work without getting harassed.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,


    That reminds me I live an hour away from a alpaca farm and I need to make a visit! It’s a great time for the whole family or if you’re stoned.

    Potatos_are_not_friends ,

    Absolutely bullshit.

    Engineer here who implements cookie scripts, cookie banners, etc.

    1 or 2 seconds tops is how long it takes to wipe cookies that a site leaves behind. Half of that to ensure that future cookies aren’t generated.

    I’ve seen some real shitty systems in my life. This is literally impossible to create a system that requires a long processing time accidentally.

    This is active maliciousness to users.

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